Popcorn Oil

Many variants of oil can be utilized as popcorn oil which contains different bases. Our product consists of palm, sunflower and soybean oils. Popcorn oil’s main use is cooking with high temperatures. Palm-predicated popcorn oil is a more salubrious alternative to the other types of oil out there. One of the benefits of palm-predicated popcorn oil is that it is a natural substitute for partially hydrogenated oils and trans fats. It additionally contains an abundance of vitamin E which is acts as a vigorous anti-oxidant. Our popcorn oil does not contain GMOs or any trans-fatty acids. Since it is a plant-predicated oil, even people with vegan diets can enjoy the buttery taste popcorn with our product.

Premium Palm Frying Oil

Premium frying oil
  • MOI PFC & PFO use fine quality palm oil combined with effective refining process to create high quality frying oil that has low colour and low acid value, making it suitable for all kinds of frying.
  • It is cholesterol free, contains natural tocotrienol and a balanced composition of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Good frying stability contributes to longer frying life, less foaming and smoking, slower colour darkening of the oil and less gums build up which leads to a cleaner fryer.
  • MOI PFC & PFO provide a less oily appearance, producing fried food with a golden-brown colour appearance and crispy texture, enhancing the original taste and aroma of the fried food.
  • It is non-hydrogenated and trans fatty acid free.
  • Moi’s frying oil products are long lasting, have a low melt point and a high smoke point.
Soybean Oil

Soybean Oil

Soybean Oil

Can help reduce coronary heart disease, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently awarded a qualified health claim for soybean oil and heart disease, noting that a daily intake of approximately 1½ tablespoons of soybean oil as a replacement for sources of saturated fat in the diet, could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Soybean oil is one of the main oils that contains high amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (MUFA and PUFA). This specific fatty acid composition helps to reduce blood cholesterol fractions, thus lowering the risk of heart disease.