Chia Oil

Improved Brain Function, Omega-3 fats help build brain cell membranes, promote new brain cell formation and reduce overall brain inflammation. This will help to improve your mood and memory and can often protect against certain brain disorders like depression and dementia. Because Organic Chia Seed Oil contains large quantities of Omega-3, it’s the perfect supplement to take daily to experience these brain-boosting benefits.

Reduced Inflammation and Joint Pain

Joint pain is often associated with inflammation in the body. And eating foods high in omega-6 while not supplementing with omega-3, leads to significantly more inflammation. That’s why it’s critical to supplement with a high quality supplement that contains the proper ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. Mother Nature provides this in Chia Oil. You will start to feel the difference in your joints and overall energy levels once you start taking omega-3 from chia seed oil on a daily basis.

Support for Heart and Cardiovascular Systems

It’s well documented that omega-3 essential fatty acids are essential for heart health. In fact, these fats appear to help the heart beat in the right rhythm to avoid the dangerous, and potentially fetal, erratic rhythm associated with cardiac deaths each year in the U.S. According to the GISSI Prevention Trial, heart attack survivors who supplemented with 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids daily, for three years, were less likely to have a repeat heart attack or stroke. One teaspoon of Organic Chia Seed oil daily is all that you need to reach optimum levels of omega-3 intake for your day.

Omega-3 from Chia Oil May Help Eliminate Dry Eye Syndrome

Omega-3 fatty acids may wipe out dry eye syndrome, according to new research. Researchers in India found that a daily dose of omega-3, improved the symptoms of dry eye syndrome by as much as 105 percent.

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